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250g Canta Galo - Brazil (dark chocolate, hazelnut, plum) - Shoe Lane Coffee

250g Canta Galo - Brazil (dark chocolate, hazelnut, plum)

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Dark chocolate, hazelnut, plum 

Process: Natural
Varietal: Red Catuai 
Producer: Andrea Oliveira Silveira 

Fazenda Canta Galo is located in Areado, a small town in the South of Minas, a hilly and mountainous region . The farm was founded in 1968 when Mr. Jose Carlos Vieira da Silveira invested in arabica coffee cultivation, starting with Mundo Novo and Catuai varietals. He was a dynamic man who had a great passion for coffee, always looking to improve and develop, gathering more knowledge about coffee farming. He believed in trying new coffee processing techniques, working on improving the infrastructure of the farm and good management. Unfortunately Mr. Jose Carlos passed in 1991 but left his spirit and passion alive in his family who are now responsible for the farm.

The Farm:

His Wife Vera Lucia Oliveira da Silva and their children, Isaias Pio da Silveira and Andreia Oliveira are moving forward with new projects in relation to excellence in coffee quality.

They have implemented a self-sustainable management system in Fazenda Canto Galo. These are the processes they use in regards to running the farm and achieving improvements in everything they do on the farm:

Agricultural planning(strategic and operational) Training of their high performance team. Traceability

Environmental preservation

Social Responsibility

On the farm all the processes used to prepare the coffee are conducted with the support of an excellent infrastructure, with meticulous procedures to maintain the coffee quality and the best conditions possible. Facilities include one washer and two de-pulpers(Machines that take away the coffee cherries husk) 5,800 square metres of concrete patios, 250 square metres of African beds with greenhouses for the coffees drying, wooden boxes called “tulhas” to rest the coffee and 1 machine to process the coffee right before it leaves the farm.

Fazenda Canta Galo has 30 employees working all year round. From May to September during the harvest 100 employees are hired to help with the Harvest. They are well trained and all of them receive safety and first aid courses. labour legislation is totally respected and child labour is completely prohibited. The employees children have access to the municipal schools and they have a bus to take them there every day.