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250g El Plantanar - Guatemala (red berries, caramel, chocolate) - Shoe Lane Coffee

250g El Plantanar - Guatemala (red berries, caramel, chocolate)

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Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon
Producer: De La Roca Family

El Plantanar is located in the central area in Guatemala, in the volcanic Acatenango Valley, preserving the name of the area, "El Plantanar" (plantain tree). With two big volcanoes, Fuego and Acatenango surrounding the valley, this region is rich in minerals, which has motivated small producers to make coffee. El Platanar was initially a big farm, owned by Federico Perez in the 1950's who had to split and sell piece by piece due to economic problems. In 1990, the remaining farm became owned by the de La Roca Family, who afterwards gathered more lands from small producers to increase to 25 hectares. The farm is managed by sons and grandsons since 2007 in an independent way.