Aeropress Set - Shoe Lane Coffee
Aeropress Set - Shoe Lane Coffee
Aeropress Set - Shoe Lane Coffee

Aeropress Set

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AeroPress is an incredibly versatile gadget that will satisfy both beginners and advanced coffee lovers. The product combines the benefits of French Press, overflowing methods and traditional coffee machines, making the preparation of aromatic coffee easy and fast.

In addition, the device allows unrestricted discovery of coffee flavours by experimenting with brewing time, water temperature, or grinding grain thickness. Using this method, we receive a single 250ml of coffee and the whole process takes only a few minutes. AeroPress is unmatched in terms of size and weight, so the preparation of brewing becomes possible in all conditions. An additional advantage is that the equipment is made of durable and easy to maintain plastic.

At present, AeroPress is considered one of the most interesting alternative ways to prepare coffee. Worldwide championships are being held, which are crowned World AeroPress Championships .

This version, apart from standard equipment, includes a practical case for easy transport of the set.

Kit Contents: AeroPress, 350 paper filters, stirring paddle, scoop, funnel.