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Handground Precision Coffee Grinder – BLACK - Shoe Lane Coffee
Handground Precision Coffee Grinder – BLACK - Shoe Lane Coffee

Handground Precision Coffee Grinder – BLACK

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One of the most anticipated coffee products of recent times - Handground! This handmade mill is unique not only in terms of its design, but also the way it was created was quite unusual - the project, the campaign and the budget of the mill were made up of thousands of people from all over the world. As an official distributor, we present you the effect of this work.

What comes to mind at first glance at the grinder is the handle mounted on the side. Such a handle arrangement, along with a rubber base, ensures a quick grinding when the grinder is placed on a flat surface. The top container holds up to 100g of coffee and is sealed so that the grain does not fall out during grinding. The lower container is glass, which prevents the grain from electrifying and settling on the walls.
The upper container, its plug, and the rings placed below it are made of plastic. The handle is made of metal and wood. Bottom container is glass, but ceramic pot.

The heart of the mill is a robust, 40mm ceramic cast. The grinding thickness is adjustable in an easy and convenient way using the knob under the upper tank - without the need to open the grinder as it usually does with the competition.
The ring is marked with a digital scale from 1 - fine grinding, to 8 - grinding. The grinding thickness can be set in half steps, giving a total of 15 levels - the product will be tested both by fans of the coffee maker and by French Press. The ganglion axis has 3 stabilisation points, which translates into more grinding.