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Hario V60 01 papers (40)

Hario V60 01 papers (40)

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Original Hario V60 filter papers for brewing pour over coffee with a
Hario V60 dripper. Made in Japan of oxygen bleached paper. This filter
is of size 01 (for 1 cup drippers).

Brewing with the V60 paper filters could not be any easier. They are
also very easy to dispose of. Insert the cone filter into a Hario 01
size dripper and add water before the brewing process begins to ensure
that there is no paper taste in your tasty coffee. Then, add the coffee
grounds and pour hot water. 2 to 3 minutes later you will be enjoying
the best, sediment-free coffee.

  • Coffee paper filters for Hario V60 drippers
  • Fits drippers of size 01
  • Oxygen bleached paper
  • Original, made in Japan